Bullying and Harassment

Bullying or harassment is certain behaviour or actions that makes you feel intimidated or offended. It could be obvious or it could be subtle, it could happen as a one-off or it could be an ongoing thing. It doesn’t just need to happen face-to-face either. It can happen to you through social media, instant messages phone, text or even email.

Workplace bullying or harassment can involve a group or between two people.

There are a number of laws and regulations in the UK which provide you with protection against bullying or harassment whilst you’re at work.

What is Bullying and Harassment?

You are being bullied if, for instance, you are:

• Threatened with violence or loss of their job
• Treated unfairly e.g. if you’re not considered for a promotion
• Constantly humiliated in front of colleagues or customers
• Being made into a scapegoat for the mistakes of others
• Given an unfair workload

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