The current economic climate means that many people are frightened about the possibility of being made redundant.

What is Redundancy?

Being made redundant is being dismissed from your job as there’s no more work for you i.e. your job ceases to exist. This can be very stressful and also surprising – especially if you’ve been with a company for many years.

Redundancy can happen if:

• Your employer has stopped or intends to stop carrying on the business where you’ve been employed
• Your employer’s business has moved to a different place
• Your company needs to cut costs and reduce the number of staff
• New technology has meant that your boss doesn’t need people to carry out a particular type of work

The main thing to remember in this situation is that it is the role, not the person, who is made redundant.

Even if there is a genuine situation, your employer must still follow a redundancy process which includes good communication and consultation with all the staff. If this does not happen, the redundancy can be classed as an unfair dismissal.

On the other hand, if the redundancy occurs because of a business transfer, such as a merger, special rules may apply to you which can protect your job.

What to do if you’re made Redundant

My boss is falsely claiming Redundancy

It is important to look at all the circumstances surrounding a redundancy.

For example:

when making someone redundant an employer may claim a boss who claims there has been a reduction in work when in reality this may not be the case.

In some cases employersRather, may decide it could be less time consuming and cheaper to make someone redundant rather than carrying out a lengthy performance process.

It may be that an employee is simply disliked and the employer is using redundancy as an excuse to fast track their exit from the company.

if only an employee who possesses a particular characteristic is being made redundant e.g. if they are pregnant, from an ethnic minority, disabled, gay or of a particular religion, this could suggest that they have been dismissed due to discrimination rather than it being a genuine redundancy situation

We can help negotiate Redundancy packages

Of course, most redundancies do take place for genuine reasons. In such cases our experts are at hand to negotiate the best possible redundancy package for you.

Employers widely use settlement agreements when making an employee redundant. If you are offered a settlement agreement you must seek advice from a qualified professional so it’s very important that you choose an expert who has the relevant experience in order to secure the best possible terms.

Am I eligible to claim for Redundancy?

Our experts can review your situation and consider whether the correct procedure is being followed, including whether or not there has been a suitable consultation, a fair redundancy selection and opportunities for alternative work. In the event that your redundancy is seen to be unfair we can represent you in an Employment Tribunal.

Rest assured, each and every phone call you make to us is in complete confidence and we will not discuss your case with anyone else.

If your employer is making redundancies and you’re concerned about what to do next then get in touch with our team. We have many years’ experience in dealing with redundancy situations and can help you to get the very best out of your situation.

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