Female victims share their stories of sexual harassment on social media

Posted by Amir Jaleel

A recent survey by the Trades Union Congress has revealed that a staggering 52% of all women at work have suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace.

Women stated that they had been subjected to sexual jeers, advances and groping amongst other things.

After the publication of the results which included answers from 1,533 of […]


Been offered a settlement agreement? Be sure to get advice.

Posted by Amir Jaleel

Increasingly, we are seeing employers using settlement agreements (formerly called compromise agreements) when an employee and an employer are in disagreement with each other or there are issues surrounding the employment.

These can often be used as an attempt to manoeuvre an employee out of the company whilst avoiding any legal action.


Feeling bullied at work? Help is at hand.

Posted by Amir Jaleel

When we think of bullying, I suspect most of us think back to childhood and that bigger boy or girl at school that decided for some unknown reason to pick on you for their own amusement.

Albeit it still a major problem, hopefully children in that situation now have a much better network of teachers, parents and outside agents and charities to help put a stop to this and indeed there is much greater awareness of the problem.

But what happens if later in life, you find yourself being bullied or harassed in your place of work? As grown ups can we really stand up for ourselves or are there still dargk forces at work? Of course no-one should be subject to any form of bullying, but perhaps some are still more likely to be able to stand up to this behaviour than others.


Domestic abuse – employers could do more to help

Posted by Amir Jaleel

The tragedy of domestic abuse is that it is increasing and in frighteneing numbers. The statistics are always shocking: one in four women and one in six men suffer domestic abuse after the age of 16. Two women a week are killed by a partner or ex-partner.

For some people, work is the only safe haven from abuse. So all employers in businesses big and small, whether in the public or private sector, should be encouraged to create safe spaces at work where staff suffering domestic abuse can talk to an appropriately qualified person who can provide advice and offer support.

This is according to a former Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer.


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