Our experts recently advised more then 10 employees from the same company who were made redundant and asked to enter into settlement agreements. We were able to provide requisite advice and sign and complete the agreements within a 24 hour period.

Currently advising and representing an administration worker in an Employment Tribunal claim. Our client alleges that she was discriminated on the basis that she had recently given birth; it is alleged that her employer hired a replacement whilst she was on maternity leave and made our client redundant on her return. An employment Hearing is scheduled to take place later this year.

We have successfully negotiated an out of court settlement for a client who alleged that he was racially discriminated against at work, this included his colleague posing with an item that was likely to cause distress and offence. The client did not wish to make a claim and was delighted that we were able to negotiate a settlement package worth thousands of pounds.

Currently advising a male employee who was threatened with dismissal unless he worked weekends, the employee was unable to work weekends as he is required to fulfil child care arrangements. The employee believes he was discriminated against and the case is likely to progress to an Employment Tribunal. Losses claimed are substantial and likely to be six figures

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