Currently advising and assisting a solicitor who suffered sexual harassment whilst in employment with one of the UK’s largest law firms. Our client alleges that her male colleagues sexually harassed her on a daily basis which led to her resigning from the Firm. She is extremely disappointed that having reported her concerns to HR/management there was a distinct lack of support or protection afforded to her. Our client is claiming substantial compensation for loss of earnings as well as a separate injury to feelings award of up to £30,000.

Assisted a Manchester doctor who claimed constructive dismissal. Dr X alleged that he was treated unfavourably by his employer which involved, amongst other things a lack of support at work, denying annual leave, being escorted out of the hospital premises etc.

Mr X alleged that he was forced to resign from his role by a senior manager. Mr X had been employed by the company for more then 5 years before being threatened in his own home to resign from his role. Mr X’s partner had only recently given birth and the actions of his employer have had a major knock on effect on his life. We were able to secure an out of court settlement in favour of our client.

Our experts recently advised more then 10 employees from the same company who were made redundant and asked to enter into settlement agreements. We were able to provide requisite advice and sign and complete the agreements within a 24 hour period.

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